Customer Charter

Commitment declaration

‘Carris’, ‘Metropolitano de Lisboa’ and the ‘Transtejo’ Group have the main goal of continuously improving service quality in order to answer the needs and expectations of our customers, oriented by Sustainability criteria. The current Commitment Declaration intends to reinforce the dialogue between companies and their clients contributing to their social well fair.

Through this Charter the companies take on the following commitments with their customers:

1. To supply quality service according to the client’s expectations.
2. To reinforce Public Transport intermodal articulation.
3. Adjust our activity to market needs and implement efficient timetables according to current demand.
4. To promote and apply necessary actions to guarantee high safety standards for Public Transport and thus ensuring customer safety.
5. To maintain high standards of service regularity, promoting the necessary actions to minimize the consequences of service disruptions, whether caused by third parties or not.
6. To supply the relevant information during service disruptions or in regular service activity, in a clear, comprehensive message, in existing spaces at bus stops and inside buses, as well as in all other information media.
7. To ensure that the various equipment available to the customers are in perfect working order and when not, that the necessary repairs are done in the minimum time possible.
8. To guarantee that the waiting areas, vehicles and equipment under their management are in good condition and state of cleanliness, being regularly cleaned and inspected.
9. That the quality of human resources is of a competent and professional standard, ensuring quality and meticulousness in customer attendance.
10. That the service for customers is available and easily accessible by all, especially those with reduced mobility, in collaboration with the competent entities involved.
11. To take the necessary measures to allow for suggestions and complaints by the customers.
12. Ensure careful analysis of complaints and making replies in reasonable time along with the internal corrective improvement measures to be carried out.
13. To periodically evaluate customers’ satisfaction through specific surveys.

Customers’ duties

Customers’ collaboration is fundamental to reach the proposed quality standards. Is this way, the use of Public Transport supplied by ‘Carris’, ‘Metropolitano de Lisboa’ and ‘Transtejo’ group should be done respecting simple rules which provide better quality of the service supplied with benefits to all.

In this way customers must:

1. Always carry a valid ticket and present it to the company’s representative when solicited.
2. Always remember to validate the ticket. Should this not be done, the customer is breaking the law (law n 28/2006, July 4th, alterations introduced by the decree-law 83-C/2013 of December 31st and decree n 343/2002 of April 2nd).
3. Not smoke inside the vehicles and premises. If done, is punishable by law (law 37/2007 August 14th, alterations introduced by law n 109/2015, August 16th).
4. Respect the existing norms related to animal transportation (Decree-law 315/2009 October 29th, decree 968/2009 August 26th, decree 422/2004 April 24th), bicycles and other private objects which, by their volume or content could possibly cause inconvenience or danger.
5. Use equipment appropriately, according to instructions and rules of use.
6. Respect the closing door signal and other safety warnings.
7. Comply with the provision of designated seats for reduced mobility and other priority customers.
8. Maintain waiting areas and vehicles clean, by using the existing recipients provided for garbage collection.
9. Avoid making noise which could disturb other passengers.
10. Alert the appropriate company representative concerning any abnormal or dangerous situation.

In conclusion, the customer should behave in a responsible and compliant fashion, whether in relation to other customers, or with company representatives, always respecting the given instructions.